I know, I know, I have been totally Missing-In-Action!

I really became sidetracked while we were working on the rooftop patio cover and screen/gate for the mini-splits as the kids and grandkids are going to be here in August and need to make sure access to the roof is secure. I’ll post about these projects later when I get back from Oregon and Washington.

So the end of June, I headed to San Diego and picked up my cousin and partner in crime for a road trip up to Oregon.

We decided to hit up Southern Oregon wine country and what a surprise it was. We visited four wineries and few really blew us away from the feel of the place, the wine, and the people. We visited Girardet Wine Cellar, Abacela Winery, Spangler Vineyards, and Paul O’Brien Winery.

So, I’m a picture girl so be prepared with lots of them!

As you drive up the gravel driveway to Girardet Wine Cellar, there are warnings along the way and how about the view?

The winery has a rustic feel and you felt so comfortable just to hang with a glass of wine.

The outside is as enjoyable as the indoors. Just relaxing outside and enjoying the views with a glass of Baco Noir or other lovely wines they have would always be a delight.

You can find Girardet Vineyards & Winery via their website or Facebook.

Abacela Winery has a lovely facility and views with a bigger winery feel. I have had some of their wines in the past via close friends of my cousin and newer friends of mine. We did a tasting then ordered up a cheese plate and enjoyed the outdoor views.

You can find Abacela via their website or Facebook.

Spangler Vineyards also had that same feeling of Girardet Wine Cellar with the rusticness, lovely wines, and friendly people. It is another place you can just hang out and relax.

You can find Spangler Vineyards via their website or Facebook.

Paul O’Brien Winery was in the heart of Roseburg, they produce wines but purchase the grapes from other vineyards. They also have a facility where you can relax and enjoy some very nice wines.

You can find Paul O’Brien Winery via their website or Facebook.

I would totally check out more places in this up and coming region in Southern Oregon or should I say they have already arrived?

Well on to the next adventure which should be back in Baja, very soon!


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