This occurred last month but had been busy.  I would say this has been the most enjoyable adventure so far as to participating and expanding my knowledge of the winemaking process.  There was a post on a Facebook for the need of help in the crushing of grapes in exchange for lunch and beer.

What an opportunity was my thought so contacted Sitara!

It was women power all the way plus one, my other half who was helpful but stayed in the background while we dominated sorting through 5 tons of grapes.   Actually, the cleaning and sorting of the grapes typically are accomplished by women as they are more detailed oriented.

Sitara of El Corcha Rosa was experimenting with a different process for a white wine since this year had a shortage of white wine type grapes and will be using Grenache grapes.  These were pressed then immediately (to reduce oxygen contact) ran through dry-ice with the hopes after fermentation and filtering to produce a white Vin Gris.

The 5 tons of grapes and the work along the way!

So for lunch break, we went to Familia Samarin a Russian restaurant.  The empanadas had a variety of fillings with the flaky crust.  Slices of bread with olives and earthy flavors along with a delectable salad and meat with potato patties.

Can’t wait to try the wine we as a group of powerful ladies helped in creating this coming year!   

On to the next adventure…

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