The first time we visited Clos de Tres Cantos was on my birthday so we were visiting multiple places during that day.  This time around it was the only place and was meeting up with several expats for the first time.

We were told the history and the basis of the winery.   How the owners Maria Benitez and Joaquin Moya, planned the vineyard on a sustainable concept.  This included ecological, social, cultural aspects, not all about the money.

Clos De Tres Cantos was designed by architect Alejandro D’Acosta.  This included recycled furniture covered with concrete to the walls created from used wine bottles.  Majority of the materials used to build the winery are reclaimed from this region.  It has a European feel of the outer walls while the roofs seem to have Mayan pyramid style plus add the artistic murals, what an artists dream.  

The mural is of endemic animals from the Sea of ​​Cortes

The exterior areas of the winery

The interior of the tasting room

Used bottle walls and concrete covered furniture.

Grapes and more grapes!

Vitivinicultura Conciencia — Growing wine with a conscience

On to the next adventure!


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