September is Women’s International Friendship month and our group of bloggers selected this as our blog hop topic and is dedicated to celebrating women friendships.

I feel women friendships are about lifting each other up and supporting us to succeed. These are the type of relationships I thrive for, not the volatile or try to drag you down as there is enough of that in life already.

Friendships while living outside your native country can enrich your life more than you expect. The transition to another country is a major life event as it takes time to meet and even become closer to others from another country as there can be cultural differences or even language barriers until you can understand and communicate more effectively. By putting myself out there, from taking classes I’m interested in to just talking with people including neighbors, I have met many gracious and kind women but it does take time to go a step further for closer friendships. I hope these friendships continue to grow and last a lifetime.

I have also met some amazing women via social media and have had the honor of meeting several in person with a few more on my wishlist. These women have supported each other while living a very diversified life in another country, having embraced the richness of the culture and beauty of this country. Many of these ladies have taught me so much about living in another country and are always available when I have a question. My heart goes out to them all, as a tribe we are more powerful!

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