I’m a little late on the International Self Care Day on July 24th (yesterday) but it is still a great topic. I think it is all the traveling lately and I’m ready to be home next week.

To me, self-care is about overall health: mentally and physically.

I’ve missed my water classes this last month and look forward to getting back in the groove as everything was starting to come together as I worked on my lifestyle changes prior to heading north. I’m going to start adding yoga into the mix twice a week after water class for overall mental health and stretching. Self-care also includes working on a healthy diet or should I say lifestyle with less processed but more whole foods (we actually do pretty good on this down here in Mexico).

I also want to focus on things I enjoy like gardening plus my crafty and dab type projects. These are the things which relax me and I enjoy. I look forward to figuring out my planter style and veggie gardens since we are mainly done with the house. Also, what to create in the courtyard and rooftop patio areas as these are on my fun-to-do list.

I really feel self-care is more about your overall balance in life mentally and physically.

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