Mulege, Baja California Sur

This month our South of the Border Blog Hop is about dream vacations or ones taken in Mexico.   My focus is on the trip we did from Ensenada to San Jose del Cabo and back, we basically drove from top to bottom and back of the Baja Peninsula.  It was a trip of breath taking scenery with some areas which were like time forgot.

The deserts of Baja are more than just cactus, it is full of blooms of many colors just like you may find in an alpine meadow encompassing large areas of the ground.  Rock formations are through out then in the middle of nowhere you find an oasis of a hotel in Catavina still isolated with the only communication available via satellite.  Check this out for more info on Catavina.

Mulege is like the land time forgot, so rustic and so beautiful.

The Sea of Cortez water is so clear and blue against the white sand.

We visited several Mission’s in Baja along with Hotel California in Todos Santos.  Some information on the Missions of Baja.

Good food, drinks and beaches to hangout is always important while vacationing!!

We barely touched Baja as there is so much to see on this narrow 1,000 mile peninsula and plan to spend more time in specific areas then expand from there.

For more adventures, check out the South of the Border Blog Hop for this month below. If you’ve have a South of the Border blog, feel free to join in by adding link below!


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