Well, it has been three years since the move to Baja and this is our fourth Christmas.  Each year, we have become more established and getting our own groove in life which includes the holidays.  

The first year I wouldn’t even call it much of a Christmas as we were an almost barren rental with a Telcel Moose decked out for the holiday as our decoration.  We at least went to the Christmas parade from the park to the church and the boat festival of lights along with always video chatting with family.

The following year, we were barely in our home but I made sure the tree was up.  It still didn’t totally feel like Christmas pasts but it was a start.  We were still having the garage, the “She Casita”, aka my craftroom/office and rooftop patio constructed.

Last year was almost normal as I had made a wreath for the door, decorated inside and out.  Also, a cousin spent time right before Christmas and it was so fun to hang with her in Valle de Guadalupe.  I still chuckle because I think we both had to dry out after all the wine tasting!  Then right after she left at the last moment, I was like what about goodies for friends?  So on to another adventure of finding items I needed for baking the goodies, well that didn’t go so well and I ended up improvising some from not making my normal items to substituting ingredients.  I did get to give some to friends.

This year it is amazing as I planned early and easily found all the items I needed to bake, the decorations went well even if I think there could more outside lights.  We were excited this year because the oldest and her boyfriend came to visit before Christmas, so to actually see immediate family around that time was so amazing, it filled our hearts.  We also have been invited by a friend to join her for the holiday then, of course, live video time with the kids and grandkids.

So even if it celebrating the holidays is not exactly like we have done in the past we are creating our own adventures in the present and for the future.  I don’t think it gets any better than that.


    From us to you, Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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