I could have picked Frida Kohlo who is a very well known Mexican Woman in History but I went for someone different.  She is still well known but as a writer, activist, and feminist dedicated to human rights in Mexico and her name is Lydia Cacho. I have been impressed by how so many women in Mexico have put their lives in jeopardy for the protection or rights of women and children.

In 1999, she was assaulted and raped by a man which she believes was in retaliation for some of her investigations. Due to this event, she lead a group of feminists in the formation of Centro Integral de Atención a las Mujeres in 2000 which is a center in Cancún for abused women and children.  

She also played an important role in the country’s first conviction for child pornography and sex trafficking. She has been threatened, kidnapped, and persecuted for her work yet she continues her work in fighting for human rights in Mexico.

In 2004, her book The Demons of Eden created a scandal due to the expose between some prominent business leaders and a pedophile ring. After the book was released, she was arrested in Cancún by Puebla police and driven back to Puebla. She has stated that she was verbally abused with hints of a plan to rape her by the arresting officers.  She was then imprisoned for a short time on defamation charges before being released on bail. Tapes later revealed one of the business leaders she had accused and the governor of Puebla had deliberately targeted her because of her investigations.

As of 2018, Lydia Cacho has written twelve books, including a Manual to prevent child abuse, and her international bestsellers about Sex trafficking, Human Slavery and the relationship between child pornography and child sexual abuse. She has also been awarded many honors for her work in human rights.

Such an amazing woman to highlight this month….

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