The time has come for this challenge to end, and I wanted to dedicate this final blog to the plight of our local deported U.S. Veterans in Mexico.

I have some very strong feelings about the United States and deporting veterans who have served our country, especially those risking their lives in combat. Many times the issues are tied to PTSD or just adjusting to life after being in the service. Yes, some may have had issues prior to serving in the military but who shall cast the first stone? Are you perfect? I know I’m not.

I have a friend here in Ensenada assisting with the formation of a group for support and services of these deported U.S. Veterans. She didn’t want the focus to be on her, but the plight of these deported U.S. Veterans. So here we go…

A Christmas In Mexico With Our Deported U.S. Veterans

Alfredo Figueroa was mentioned in the above article and he has been involved in making some headway in this goal of support and services for these veterans. Below is the article about Alfredo and what he has accomplished and how he is currently supporting this community of deported veterans.

By Joel Bahr, Berkeley News

To support deported vets, Alfredo Figueroa ‘leads with his heart’

Actually, a couple of weeks ago I got the opportunity to meet one of the two Hector’s in the following article by Robert A Stribley. Hector Lopez founded the Unified U.S. Deported Veterans Center, located near the border in Tijuana. He is a very impassioned person tied to this cause, especially since he is affected by these issues.

Screencap: Google Maps

We Deport Veterans

If you are interested in more information about the Repatriate Our Patriots, view on the website or Facebook. Also, contact your Senators and/or Representatives to support current legislative acts, or thank them if they are already supporting these deported veterans.

You may also donate to this important cause via Repatriate Our Patriots on PayPal. By the way, it is tax deductible.

There are many steps in this process and roadblocks along the way to bring these deported veterans home, but none should be left behind…


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