So love this place!

We had decided on the place we wanted to call home but took a little work to get under contract.  Since we were paying cash, the process was 60% down then rest at the final.  By the way financing is different here with at least 20% down and higher interest rates compared to the US.  I would also think you need to be working and have established credit here in Mexico but I can’t say for sure since we did cash.

The money was in the US and needed to be wired to a Mexico bank, this became a pain because my little credit union did not do International wire transfers but worked with Western Union (WU).  So I go and setup an account with WU while sitting at Starbucks’s in Ensenada, mistake!  I triggered a red flag because I set up the account while out of country.  After several conversations explaining I was in Mexico and having to show proof of who I was, then why did I want to wire so much money?  By then I was not a happy camper and sent them an e-mail explaining why I needed to be able to do two large transfers. I proceeded to tell them I personally felt it was none of there business what I did with my own money but understood they had to report to the government.  So after I got the OK they ended up not allotting the correct amount for the transfer, by then I was pretty frustrated.  The guy from the development was like no you don’t want to use Western Union they are expensive.  We were feeling like maybe this wasn’t meant to be at this time.

So, then we were back on hold trying to figure how to make this work.  We actually looked at other places because we were like what are we going to do?  We found some other developments which would actually allow me to right a check but we really didn’t like how the homes connected to each other, similar to townhouses plus the design style.  We really wanted one level or a two level with a master on the main floor as this is would be our final home and realize as you get older steps can become a challenge.

Back we went to the place we liked and the lots in the area had all sold and it would be the first of the year before more became available.  So we thought OK this would give us time to get the money lined out and then we picked our lot knowing if someone came along with money before us we would have to pick a different location.

I went up to San Diego and opened an account at a big bank and linked it to the credit union so I could actually do an International wire transfer.  So we were good to go or maybe not……



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