Oh what a process!   I will end up writing multiple blogs just on this process so be prepared.  There is the good , the bad and the ugly in this process and be prepared for everything to take twice as long as you expected.  What we thought was going to be a year will realistically be two.

We had already determined Ensenada was the place we were going to call home due to the Mediterranean type climate, proximity to the border as it is only 1.5 hours away yet not too close and don’t laugh, Mexico’s wine country.

Before we even moved to Mexico, I was using Google street view to checkout potential areas of Ensenada for us to land.  One area that kept pulling at me was north of town even though we ended up renting south of town first.  We found out quickly south of town was not desirable for us as we liked being closer to town.  We looked at existing homes but was very frustrated at the pricing as we would still end up having to do many updates to most if not all the places.  Lots that we viewed lacked many services plus being on dirt roads was not desirable especially when it rains along with dealing with an architect, making sure everything is paid correctly so no one comes back on you later was very daunting.

We ended up looking at new homes in a couple of developments but ironically focused on the one north of town that I had constantly been pulled towards when in the US cruising around in Google.  There was just something about the area even before we physical visited the development.  We came back to the development several times and just felt the area was home.  We loved how quiet it was (excluding the construction) with beautiful views of the ocean plus it was only a five to ten minute drive to centro.


The privada has a couple of parks and eventually a complete facility for outdoor entertaining with a basketball/tennis type courts.  The one park in the pictures above is such nice spot and really helped make the decision to buy here even though we wanted to build our own place.

So here is where we started our adventure of buying and building our home….


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