If you spend any length of time in Mexico you will need to learn some patience, have a little persistence to hopefully persevere.  

After I got back from the road trip north in early June, all of sudden the mini-split in the living-room made some popping noises and then nothing.  We only had this unit for barely a year and have used it very little but was out of the bumper to bumper warranty even though the compressor and motor are still under warranty.  For people not familiar with mini-splits these are ductless heat and air conditioning units, see below.

What timing for this to happen as it was unusually hot for here which had continued until recently.  Thank goodness for the mini-split in the bedroom or it would have totally miserable.

So LG was called and they gave us phone numbers for the electrical guy in Tijuana, then begins the circle game for a month.  No answers and phone numbers not working, calling the main LG office then the same circle of nothing!  Finally we took a trip to Homedepot to see if they could help.  They got on the phone with LG and my other half, it was nice to see someone else dealing with the same issues of the never-ending circle with the only difference was she was pretty short with them and a little pushy.  She understood our frustrations of no one answering or calling back, it also makes Homedepot look bad.  We asked if she knew of someone who could take a look at the unit so she gave us a local contact of the guy that works on the Rheem brands, he was at the house within a few days.

So after he opens it up and pulls out the board, he determines the fuse was blown and one of the chips fried (see just left of the middle on the bottom in the pic below).  He was going to have to call the LG supplier in Mexicali for a new board.

So he leaves and we have a mini-split torn apart in the living-room and touch up work I’ll have to complete on the walls from the ladders once it fixed.

The parts are sitting on the spare bed until the work is completed.

So we have been trying to connect with the guy to find out the cost of the part and this took over a week of playing tag.  Today we found out he has been trying to contact LG in Mexicali with no luck until now and they don’t even have the parts, uuggghhh!  So maybe in a couple weeks it could be in, at least we now know the price for the part but by then it will be two months since the mini-split died.

So I know we have patience and have been persistent albeit have not persevered yet but we hope so soon.  Viva Mexico!!


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