Our adventures took us to Mercado Natural y Artesanala weekly event on Sundays located at Recicleteando  which is a vegan/vegetarian restaurant.  It is a smaller, quirky, eclectic location with a mix of vendors which sell natural, handmade or organic products.  There are classes offered of Thai Chi, Yoga, Karate, Self Defense, Photography and Reading along with events for children and the family.  The restaurant was very good but did have to chuckle as the other half was going to order a hamburger until I pointed out it was meatless, so he had breakfast!  I thought it was a very relaxing place to visit with soothing music in the background, large chess board if you wanted to sit in the shade and play.  There was no pressure to rush through but encouragement to try items or ask questions, we will be back.


The pictures of the restaurant are funky and eclectic with a bicycle vibe. 









On July 17th, Ensenada adopted a ban on plastic bags and single use utensils effective January 1st.  Due to this Ensenada will have the largest and most advanced environmental regulations in the country.  Implementation hopefully will go well but in the meantime we have set up recycling at the house.  While at this event purchased I purchased the metal straws as I thought it would be safer than the glass straws plus being proactive in reducing waste.    

For more information on Recicleteando check out on Facebook or via website        


On to the next adventure!



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