So my daughter and her boyfriend visited before Christmas which was so exciting for us. They wanted to visit some of the places with cultural information and history on the Kumiai of Baja California Norte. One of the places we visited was Centro Ecoturístico Siñaw Kuatay. This is a small community in Valle de Guadalupe which includes a museum, restaurant which serves a traditional meal for larger groups, an area used for gatherings and events, a little store selling handmade crafts, and a nice campground. More information is available here.

In front of the museum, they had historical replicas of the traditional hut where they lived, different plants with signs on what they were and the uses. Within the museum, we were not allowed to use cameras but learned the history and culture of the local indigenous.

The crafts available for sale ranged from handmade baskets to jewelry, dream catchers, dolls, soaps, herbs, local coffee from the crushed nuts which we ended up adding small amounts to our Chiapas coffee and much more. My daughter bought some jewelry and a few other items, I picked up some of the coffee, the earrings pictured above for my daughter and soap. I plan to go back to purchase some gifts for others plus maybe an item or two even for myself and to camp at the lovely campgrounds.

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