Sorry, got side tracked on posting my adventure of the week as I was trying to push out some craft-n-dab project blogs.  So we visited the Riviera here in Ensenada.  The museum area was closed as it was a Monday but we did tour the grounds and other areas of the building.  This location is used for many events inside and out.

Originally named the Hotel Playa Ensenada when it opened on October 31, 1930 then in the 1940’s it was known as Riviera del Pacifico and became Centro Cultural Riviera de Ensenada (or the Riviera), 37 years ago.

Here are some pictures of the buildings of the Riviera

Here are some of the statues, art displays and historical markers located within the grounds of the Riviera.

Interior areas we visited within the Riviera

Here are some links on the history of this location:

Riviera Ensenada and Wikipedia – Hotel Riviera

70 Aniversario de la Margarita is an event this Sunday, August 26th as there are stories told that the Riviera was the originator of the Margarita.

On to the next adventure!


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