Today, my father would be turning 80 years old but he passed in 2009 from complications tied to pancreatic cancer. So I’m writing this in honor of my father.

Emidio (Bud) L. DeSantis

With the apocalyptic lifestyle right now due to the virus, it has made me focus on doing things I may not have done in a long time.

I have not made homemade ravioli for years, mostly because I got spoiled as my dad made and gave them out at Christmas. Dad is not here with us anymore and maybe that is why it is has taken me so long to attempt these but I’m doing this so I can carry on this tradition for my kids just like grandma’s Christmas bread they so love. I hope to have a fun day in the future with family on sharing how to make these.

I used my great aunt Rose’s dough recipe and should have doubled from the beginning like my dad stated in his notes, especially since I was making two types of ravioli fillings.

Those rolling pins are amazing and have been in the family for years.

This where I diverted from the family recipe, sorry dad, but just the fillings as the process is the same to construct the ravioli.

I made one filling of homemade spicy Italian chicken breast sausage with spinach and ricotta cheese while the other was butternut squash and ricotta.

Rolling out the dough is so easy with a pasta maker, just start from the largest setting and keep rolling to the thinnest (6/7), sometimes especially by yourself the paper-thin dough can be hard to handle.

Next, add your filling but not too thick and top with another rolled out dough. Then it is rolling pin time! My first few batches were not very pretty but by the end, the Ravioli’s looked pretty good.

Next is the sealing and cutting of the Ravioli’s and then I placed them on a cookie sheet and froze individual before packaging.

I look forward to a gathering of the kids and grand-kids for Ravioli making so I can pass on this tradition.

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