I needed a working area for sewing and cutting material including space to craft larger projects so after researching ideas, I designed these tables for the craft room.  What is nice about these tables are they can be used separately or pushed together when a larger area is needed.  Each table has wheels, is five feet long and 2 feet wide with shelves on each end.

The other half and I worked on the project together, overall I think we make a pretty good team.  I measure and mark, he cuts, we put the pieces together and then I typically sand and paint or stain.

Here at the cutting stage of the project and someone looks like he is having fun!

We built two cube type shelves then added the top which consisted of three boards connected together to create each table.

After sanding, I actually took the accent paint used in the craft room, diluted it down with some water and treated it like a stain.  I did two coats of staining and then sealed each of the tops.  I then painted the remaining portions of the tables white.

Now these are ready to go into the craft room!  Next up is the making of wall organizers from pegboard for the craft room.


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