Still need tables and to organize the room

It is so nice to have the chance to create my own office/craft room after all these years of stuff in a closet, sewing or doing any other crafts at the dinning room table.  I won’t have to worry about putting away partially completed projects so we can eat.

We did the tiling of the room with me laying the tile and the other half measuring and cutting.  We do most of the large project together but sometimes it can be a battle of wills if you know what I mean but they also turn out pretty good.  I wanted my craft room to be bright and fun so I went with tropical colors.  We ended up changing the light to a ceiling fan as it keeps the room cooler in the summer.  So if you noticed the funky location for the light, realize this is in Mexico and you have to be very clear on directions and even then who knows.  The room is L shaped so when I said the middle of the room and pointed where, they went ahead and measured the longest lengths in each direction then put it in the middle based off those numbers.  Luckily, the ceiling fan actually fit albeit a smaller one.  We also had outdoor lights at the doors of the craft room and side of the garage.  We wanted the boxes for the lights off to the right, they put them above the door and not centered, ugh.  I guess you can call it unique personality of our house.

After the painting was finished the carpenter came in and installed the cabinets he built from solid wood.  Once the installation was completed then I was able to start bringing in all my craft and sewing stuff.

Next up is the making of the craft room tables….


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