So, we planned on attending a Halloween party and I needed to figure out what to wear.  I thought, why not a Katrina but needed to make a veil as I already had the black dress and ordered some tattoos.

So I purchased a meter of black lace, some silk flowers and a few meters of different colored ribbons.  I basted one end of the lace and gathered to the width I wanted for my hair piece.

I then took the silk flowers and entwined them together and wrapped the wires with floral tape.  After cutting the different colored ribbons into desired lengths tie a few pieces to the towards each end of the flowers as shown below.

Now I took a low temp glue gun to attach the lace to the flower band.  I used a lot of glue and quickly pressed together.  Then I cut a couple strips of black felt to cover both sides where the flowers and lace are attached also using the glue gun.

Now you are ready to form the flowers to your head and attach with a couple large bobby style pins.

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