My craftroom/office was like a war zone…it takes time to get it the way you want.  I believe this was my third attempt.  I have made baskets to store some of my fabric, plastic containers for other crafts, thread, etc and even have pegboards for hanging other items such as scissors, tape measures and even paperclips.

First I was hanging printed pdf patterns but that was getting to be a cluttered mess.  Now I’ll hang only projects in progress.  I am now plotting the patterns then folding them and filling in folders with a picture in front, see them stored in boxes above the hanging items.

Boy, the printing, cutting and taping was a time consuming project but no more as I’m plotting them via pdfplotting.  I also bought tracing paper so I can just copy the prints and will see how this goes.


Well, it looks like I have it organized at least for now, storage location is ever changing until it feels right.

I love my craft tables we made as I can put them together for a larger surface area when I need to cut out patterns or other project requiring the space. These also allow for the storage of my sewing machine and serger along with other items. 

Now to get back to my projects!


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