We have too many controls and I believe most of us do, so I decided to make some caddy’s for the living room and bedroom. 

For the bedroom caddy:

I utilized leftover material from the bedroom curtains, some scrapes from the backside and some batting.  I added two smaller pieces of material to create the pockets to hold items, the upper one is one large pocket while the other has three.  Initially, I was going to use the caddy like the picture above but it was a pain making the bed.  I decided to add velcro so I could use it on the headboard as shown in the final picture below for this project.

For the living room caddy:

This part of the project utilized extra fabric from the pillow covers I had made for furniture.  For this caddy, I only used one piece of fabric for pockets.  This caddy fits between the cushion and inside portion of the chair then hangs over the arm of the chair.

Both of these caddy’s only took a couple hours to make from cutting to finish and are extremely easy to make.

On to the next project…..

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