Me and my other half live just north of Ensenada and enjoy the view of the ocean from the house along with access to beaches of San Miguel with major surfing including competitions to Playa Hermosa in town.  Also the joys of seeing La Bufadora (Blowhole) to the south.  We have a lot of rocky beaches with some sandy areas but water quality has keep us out of the ocean along with the fact it is colder than further south.




Views of the Pacific Ocean within the bay from the house, who can ever grow tired of this?






Hotel Las Rosas & Spa has such a lovely view and you can enjoy the sunset as the cruise ships leave Ensenada.


While to the north of us you can play on the sand dunes while the ocean’s waves crash on the shore.







La Bufadora to the south of Ensenada is a sight to visit, for more information click here.



Last year the other half and I took a trip from one end of Baja to the other and back which allowed us to see the Pacific Ocean from north to south along with areas of the Sea of Cortez including the convergence of the two at the southern tip of Baja in Los Cabos.   We crossed from the Pacific side to the Sea of Cortez several times as we drove south. Typical at the convergence is not a place to swim due to the currents and/or undertows.  We fell in love with the Sea of Cortez from Mulege to Loreto and La Paz with the white sandy beaches and clear blue waters so we look forward to more visits.


Playa Armenta to the south of Mulege within Bahia de Concepcion.




The views of the Sea of Cortez from Loreto Malecon

Mirador Frida view-point south of Loreto on the Sea of Cortez





La Paz Malecon

San José del Cabo on the Pacific Ocean

The area wasn’t good for swimming due to undertows but got to see a mother whale and her baby. 






We have seen some of the rocky beaches to the clear blue water with white sand of Baja, all beautiful in its own right.  The plan to see more of the beaches as we have barely started this adventure.


4 thoughts on “The Many Aspects Of Beaches In Baja

  1. Such beautiful beach pictures. It sounds like it was a fun trip. I love anything to do with the ocean. Our beaches in Maine tend to be rocky although there are a few good sandy beach spots too. The water is cold though even in the middle of summer. Weekends In Maine

  2. Thank you! The ocean water temps are cooler to the north and warm up as you move south but definitely warmer than your area. The Sea of Cortez is warm even at the northern end versus the Pacific. We have so much more to see as Baja is such a large area when you are talking beaches since water surrounds the peninsula except to the north.

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