Heading out to San Felipe

We just visited San Felipe in Baja California for the first time.  San Felipe is found on the Sea of Cortez and is approximately 120 miles south of the US border.  The drive from Ensenada took about three and one half hours.  It is beautiful as it has many rocky mountains with desolate valleys of sand.  We even seen junipers and a lone pine tree plus snow in the higher elevations of some of the mountains.   BTW, there is snow to be found in Mexico and you can see it in one of the pictures below!  The last time we seen juniper and pine trees was in Oregon so this was a special treat.  It was also a surprise to see a castle in process in a little rancho in the middle of nowhere.







We stayed in a condo at El Dorado Ranch which is located north of San Felipe.  Such an interesting place for us as you almost thought you were in the US.  The condo area looked like Southern Cali as you can see below,  The restaurants and stores close to this area had English speakers and many people didn’t even attempt to speak Spanish, I just wasn’t used to this.  I make an effort to speak the language of where I’m at, be it spoken well or not.  On young lady that worked at one of the restaurants said some have been coming to this area for 20 or 30 years and never try to speak the language.  Pleas note, not everyone is like this but it was definitely more noticeable here than Ensenada or at least where we mainly hang out or visit.

One amazing thing was the swap meet in El Dorado with very nice looking produce and other vendors.  We made very good breakfast of egg, cheese and avocado sandwiches with fresh fruit.  We bought gifts for all the grandchildren and they sure enjoyed the items.


The San Felipe is about 10 miles from El Dorado Ranch and is a quaint little town with a lovely beach.  We walked up to the top of Guadalupe Shrine because you could see the full vista of San Felipe as you can see below.























El General is off the beaten path of the Malecón where most tourist seem to hangout and was very good.  We also found another place named La Cabaña Restaurant and also had good food.  The pictures below was from El General.







































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