Oh my goodness, my love of cheese comes from the Italian part of me and is in seventh heaven here as there is such a variety of cheeses from fresh, soft, semi-soft, semi-firm to firm.  The cheese here in Mexico doesn’t seem to have all the artificial flavors and coloring added to them like in the US.  Even though they are different from up north, there is a lot of varieties that are the equivalent to what I had in the US.  For example, I really like the flavor of the Chihuahua (Mennonite) cheese which is similar to Cheddar cheese and the Requesón is very much like Ricotta.  Of course, there’s also Manchego which is like Monterrey and Oaxaca is similar to Mozzarella or string cheese.  One of my favorite places to go to forcheese is Los Globos, they have a small shop in our town but there is a larger selection at the shop in San Antonio de las Minas.  You can taste and sample all the varieties of cheeses they have available along with olive oils, salsas, jellies, wines and other local products.  



Many of the wineries offer cheese platters for purchase that can be as basic as cheese with breads to the one offered by Las Nubes which includes a firmer cheese, seasoned chopped olives, meat, bread and sliced chocolate covered dates, something you just can’t pass up when wine tasting.



Here is a detailed list of the different Mexican cheeses and similar equivalents known in the US from Mexconnect.



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