Giving, Kindness & Acceptance are things we should consider all times of the year not just something to think about at Thanksgiving.  

This had me thinking about all the kindness, giving and even acceptance of the Mexican people towards the migrant caravans as they traversed through Mexico to the US border.  

Most of this support came from places where they were passing through un-like Tijuana where they could be for months or even longer.

Tijuana has been known for welcoming immigrants and is a melting pot of people but the actual large numbers predicted are testing this.  All the privately run shelters only have room for 700 and the sports complex currently being used can hold up to 3000 people but is now maxed out and more migrants are coming daily.

Some people are not happy and there have been some confrontations partly due to false news reports and social media posts.

In one article I read:

One person said news reports last month of Central Americans storming Mexico’s southern border fed the fears.  But it’s important that Tijuana not forget it is a city of migrants.

“Almost no one here is from Tijuana.  We have to help the neediest ones.  They come from countries with a lot of poverty.  Honduras is worse off than Mexico.”

People are also wondering how is the area going to financially support up to 10,000 people especially as the transition of a new president on December 1st occurs.  

Since Trump wants to make it even harder for asylum seekers the likelihood of succeeding is getting slimmer but Mexico is encouraging the migrants to stay and apply for status and even scheduling job fairs.

So even if a few people want to see the bad in all of this, there are so many more who care and are helping as much as they can, isn’t that a wonderful experience to be part of.


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  1. Lynne: This might be exactly why you had a rough time writing this post! At the beginning of the month, no one really knew where the migrant caravan would go to cross the border. Clearly now, we not only know that they’re in Tijuana, but you’re on the ground (well, closer than most of us), living the reality–both the good and the bad. Thanks for sharing and letting the rest of us know of organizations that are in place, already helping.

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