Last year we took a trip from one end of Baja to the other and back. The first and last day of the trip we stayed the night in Catavina.  This area is so amazing as it is in the middle of nowhere, no cell service or gas stations unless you would like to purchase gas out of a fifty gallon barrel, only if necessary.  The hotel was like a small oasis in the desert including a lovely courtyard with a pool and will fill up in the evenings as travelers do not typically drive Baja in the evenings due to animals in the road and the horrible, you can’t miss potholes from El Rosario to Guerrero Negro.






The flowers of this area are amazing especially after winter rains.






Was hoping to see the cave drawings but couldn’t figure out the directions as the sign was knocked over.






  Some fun adventure time behind the hotel.


It is the beauty and ruggedness of the desert.  I find it interesting how it looks like someone has stacked boulders to create the mountains and in amongst these rocks are wild flowers with cacti.  When we drove south predominantly the purple colored flowers were on bloom and two weeks later when we headed back north it was a sea of yellow.  We were too early for the cacti blooms but hope to see on another visit.  Checkout information on Catavina.




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  1. The blankets of lavender and yellow flowers over the land is really beautiful. I enjoy the varied shapes of cacti. As my hubby and I drove through Northern Mexico, I laughed as some cacti looked like people waving to us. All the things we can see with a drive rather than hopping onto a plane…

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